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Scrap Basket  
Film Set
MQ was used by Christine Porter as the setting for her most recent DVD. and also featured on Justhands-On. TV
Mail Order - or rather, Mailing Orders
Although we don't operate a mail order scheme as such we are happy to post goods to you if we have them - indeed, we'll do our best to acquire them if they're not actually in stock. If you are wanting particular colours or tones we'll also be pleased to send you several samples of fabrics that we feel might match your requirements.
Travel Bag
Unfortunately, what follows no longer happens as we have gone eco-friendly, and we no longer use the bags concerned (though they were bio-degradable) - but the tales behind these pictures are still worth telling. We invited visitors to the shop to take our MQ carrier bag with them and be photographed if they were travelling abroad, or to somewhere of special interest. We've got quite a gallery. Three of them are shown here.
When Dawn Cameron-Dick (above right) was teaching in  KwaZulu-Natal she asked her hostess where she should be photographed with the bag. Where did you get that bag? Asked the good lady. My friend along the road has got one of those.
On the left below is Helen Conway in Morocco where she asked two water carriers to advertise MQ - in return for which we are delighted to recommend their services.  The other picture is of Mike Carpenter, who was once taught by De and Chris. Mike is an outstanding freefall champion and twelve times British National Champion as well as holding numerous world titles. When we suggested that he contributed to our MQ Bag gallery, he jumped at the chance. (Sorry for that.)  He is now living in America, passing on his knowledge and skills by coaching others.
Visitors to the shop are invited to ‘sign-up’ for our monthly(-ish) emailed newsletters.
We have plenty of space and tables for you to layer your quilt. The tables can be arranged to form a three metres by two and a half metres base. Ask for details.
We just wanted to let you know that our visit to your quilt shop, whilst we were on holiday from Australia - when you kindly opened up for us, is one of our particular highlights from our trip.    So many choices of fabrics and books and the lovely quilts hanging around your walls - all manner of things quilting - I felt I was in Aladdin’s cave just for a while.   Your shop was as I imagined it to be from the photos on your website.  A most delightful atmosphere greeted us at the door and stayed with us long after we had left.
Why call it Midsomer Quilting??
Well it's nothing to do with Midsomer Murders ­ or mid-Somerset - but a lot to do with the fact that Midsomer Norton is a mile away, over the fields, and between the three of us we have lived and worked in the town for more than 100 years! (Reason enough?)

And anyway, it should be Midsummer, not Midsomer. The place is so named because the Patron Saint of the Anglican Church there is St John the Baptist, whose Feast Day happens to fall on June 24th - Midsummer's Day. Others have theories of their own but to me it makes perfect sense. The Norton bit is because the town lies to the north of Shepton (Sheeptown) Mallet. So, it’s the town whose Patronal Saint’s feast day is Midsummer’s Day lying to the north of Shepton Mallet
Jack and Jill Quilting
We seriously thought about naming the shop after Jack and Jill - their home village being barely two miles from the shop - for the reasons I mentioned on the page about ‘Coming a Distance?’